Forever Farmers: Sustainability at Pisoni Vineyards

Many people believe that producing exceptional wine is all about the grapes, without realizing how the entire surrounding ecosystem plays a part. “Developing the best possible fruit means taking care of everything on our land–everything from the soil to the plants to the beneficial insects and honey bees,” says Mark Pisoni.

Embracing and caring for the vineyards’ terroir means working with the natural elements to create an ideal ecosystem and habitat that will last well into the future. This sense of place is exactly what Mark and Jeff Pisoni are aiming to achieve in their wines with different sustainable farming techniques within the vineyards in the Santa Lucia Highlands.

Walk through the insectary garden with Special Projects Manager Jazmin Lopez as she describes the benefits of attracting bees and other insects to the vineyards with California native plants. These dedicated acres of land help us to create exceptional wines, extravagant honey, and an energy that can be heard, seen, and—eventually—tasted.