The Story of Lucia:
Exploring the Highlands

Walking through the vineyards is where winemaking starts, Mark and Jeff Pisoni are quick to agree.  The two brothers grew up alongside the vines their father Gary planted in the hard-scrabble, granitic soils of the beautiful Santa Lucia Highlands. As boys, they explored this terrain in play and dug in the dirt. As adults, they keep exploring, finding in Lucia’s vineyard sites the kinds of challenges that encourage them to continue discovering what the land can do–Mark as vineyard manager for Pisoni and Jeff as vintner.

Each walk the brothers take through the vineyard rows provides them with another opportunity to learn how to grow the best grapes possible. How do the leaves and tendrils look on this particular site? How many clusters are developing on this plant, and how are the skins tasting? To learn just what Lucia offers, shadow Mark and Jeff for a time as they walk the vines.