Living by Night:
Harvest at Pisoni Vineyards

Harvest brings a new rhythm to life. In the middle of the night, when much of the world is slumbering, the vineyard team awakens.

All harvesting at Pisoni is carried out at night. This decision is strategic, to catch the grape clusters under the coldest conditions. This ensures the fruit begins its life of wine as perfectly as possible. At this midnight hour, Mark orchestrates the fast-moving harvest event among the vines. The devoted vineyard team works quickly, methodically and in concert—all under the serene blanket of night. As the sun rises, the harvest “baton” is handed off to Mark’s brother, Jeff, at the winery. The winery team is ready to sort and escort the fruit to fermentation tanks and oversee the wines during the ensuing months.

This magical time is more than just a process—it’s an emotional journey. The culmination of hard work and dedication resounds with every grape picked and every decision made. It celebrates our collaboration with nature, all bound together in the results of our labor: A bottle of our newest vintage.