Beauty in Grafting
at Pisoni Vineyards

At Pisoni, we value time-honored traditions for pursing wine quality. This starts with a close connection to our land and our vines. For planting vines, it’s the old-fashioned way.

During the growing season we walk the rows and look for beautifully balanced vines and clusters. These specific vines then become the source, or “mother vines,” as the scion wood for future plantings. Mark Pisoni and his crew then allow plant tissue to merge by aligning rootstock and bud with the watchful precision of engineers and artists. This allows a new vineyard to be established exclusively from this selection of “mother vines,” and tightly controlling grapevine characteristics and quality. Mark acknowledges that “people think we’re crazy to spend this kind of time going through and marking each vine.” But from this labor of love, a magnificent Pinot Noir vineyard will arise.