Shipping and Return Policy

Pisoni Tissue Wrapping

Members of our mailing list enjoy exceptional flexibility and customer service when receiving wine. We place a lot of care into farming and crafting wine—and do the same in getting these wines to your door. Our wines are produced, bottled, and stored at our Sonoma County winery. Temperature of our cellars is a constant 55F degrees. See below for general information about our wine shipments.

Package Departures

When purchasing directly from the winery, know that your wine will ship directly from our door. You may store your wine with us while accommodating weather delays, travel times or consolidating orders. From the moment you place an order, your wine will be prepared and placed in cold storage—ready to ship at a moments notice. Similarly, if you need to modify or hold an order last-minute, we can accommodate your request.

Standard shipments during favorable weather are fulfilled on a weekly basis. Departure dates depend on destination, and are generally selected for efficient transit. As always, we can customize your request.

Wine Shipment Map

Weather and Shipment Holds

Wine shipments are delicate. In order to best maintain the integrity of the wine during shipping, we continuously monitor the weather and automatically hold shipments when unsafe to ship. These assessments are regional and always flexible. If you choose to forgo a weather hold and accept responsibility for your wines’ condition upon arrival, you may always request that your shipment be processed regardless of weather conditions.

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Through our work in farming and winemaking, we honor the past, present, and future of the land we work with. This guiding value of sustainability is at the core of all we do—including how we get our wines to you. For that reason, all Pisoni Estate, Lucia by Pisoni, and Lucy wine shipments are packaged using only recyclable materials.


Return Policy

At any time prior to shipping you may cancel your order with us and your credit card will not be charged, or if your card has already been charged, we will issue a full refund to the same credit card used.

If there are any problems with your shipment, please reach out directly. We will do our best to remedy any situation.