The Garys’ Vineyard. Pinot Noir & Syrah.
Summer 2014 Release

Lucia Pinot Noir Garys Vineyard 2012

Long before sea salt met caramel or dark chocolate paired with Parmesan, Gary Pisoni and Gary Franscioni were a study in contrasts that clicked. Seventeen years ago, they successfully established the Garys’ Vineyard on the bench of the Santa Lucia Highlands.

“The Garys might seem an unlikely pair. Pisoni is colorful, to say the least, with his mane of wavy dark hair and his outspoken manner. Franscioni comes across as more serious-minded. But the collaboration between the two, who often address each other as ‘partner,’ clearly works,” wrote Laurie Daniel in the San Jose Mercury News. 

Partners with their dad since 1998, Mark and Jeff Pisoni joined him to produce the beautiful 2012 vintage from Garys’ Vineyard: Lucia Pinot Noir and Lucia Syrah. For ordering information, please visit our website at Click on “Members sign in” and enter your email address and password. If you prefer to send your order by fax or regular mail, please use the enclosed order form.

The wines offer dynamic contrasts of intensity and subtlety, as does the vibrant image accompanying Jeff’s tasting notes (enclosed). The purple Pinot Noir berries undergoing verasion pop among the greenery, grape leaves glow in splashes of sunlight, and the foreground elements stand in sharp focus against the blurred backdrop. Without contrast—of color, light and shadow, and sharpness—the photograph would lack visual interest.

Contrast also characterizes the working relationship of the Pisoni and Franscioni families that co-own Garys’ Vineyard. The dialogue among the foursome results in a vineyard steeped in tradition but teeming with unexpected combinations. Aspiring to Old World flavors, Gary Pisoni wanted to plant own-rooted vines, and the other Gary countered with the many available rootstock options for a custom fit with the soil profile. Viticulturalist Mark recommended planting the vines at higher density to better balance the available nutrients of the rocky soil. Considering harmonious fruit development, winemaker Jeff discussed the timing of the harvest. They bounce ideas around like a basketball, always considering their long-term commitment to the vineyard and goal of producing premium grapes for quality wines.

“We’re good by ourselves, but together we’re better,” insists the Gary with the corkscrew-spiraled curls.

And the 2012 Lucia wines of Garys’ Vineyard are better for it.


2012 LUCIA Pinot Noir, Garys' Vineyard

The result of a beautiful vintage, the 2012 Garys’ Vineyard Pinot Noir is wonderfully expressive, focused and displays an enticing array of red raspberry, rose petal, spice and cranberry with slight undertones of forest floor–a harmonious bouquet that exemplifies the cool and foggy days of the Santa Lucia Highlands. The fine-grained tannins and texture evolve gracefully over the palate, going from full-bodied and expansive to a fine, elegant finish. Decant if opening soon after release. Note that this vintage has the potential for a decade of aging.

2012 LUCIA Syrah, Garys' Vineyard

If a wine can be both intense and subtle at the same time, it is the 2012 Garys’ Vineyard Syrah. The aromatics are explosive, but they consist of delicate notes of white pepper, violet, leather, blackberry essence and sandalwood. The broad and tightly structured palate shows the energy and intensity from these vines grown in the granite soil, yet restrained by the cold winds off Monterey Bay.


We hope that you are as enthusiastic as we are—and the wine writers and publications listed below—about our 2011 Lucia Pinot Noir and Syrah sourced from Garys’ Vineyard, which you purchased last year.

The wines are beautiful in their youth and as they age. We are also passionate about proper storage and monitoring the evolution of our wines. As you collect these and other vintages, we recommend storage in a cool, dark location and at a constant temperature of 55 degrees.

The Lucia wines from Garys’ Vineyard will age with grace.


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