Soberanes Chosen as One of
California’s Greatest Chardonnay Vineyards

2023 Wine Spectator Soberanes Chardonnay
Soberanes Vineyard and Lucia by Pisoni wines, as featured in Wine Spectator.

We are grateful that our Soberanes Vineyard was featured in Wine Spectator’s latest issue highlighting California’s Greatest Chardonnay Vineyards. This vineyard holds immense sentimental value for us and the Franscioni family, as it represents a shared dedication to farming, heritage, and a commitment to this land. It is, therefore, an extreme honor that MaryAnn Worobiec credits our families as “multigenerational farmers who have defined the fine wines that the region is capable of.”

Given the Soberanes Vineyard is located next to Garys’ Vineyard, we would often gaze out over the open land. The rocky outcroppings drew our attention as we thought about what clones and varieties would perform best there. Planting officially began in 2007. Acreage was ultimately dedicated to Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Syrah. The twelve acres of Chardonnay vines are planted to five different clones, further adding complexity to the already rocky and wind-swept landscape. The Chardonnay bottlings from Soberanes are consistently vibrant, energetic, and full of citrus and mineral flavors.

It's easy to understand what makes Santa Lucia ideal for Chardonnay.
MaryAnn Worobeic, Wine Spectator

The vineyard also represents a special place in Monterey County’s history. It proudly carries the family name of José María Soberanes, a remarkable individual who journeyed from Mexico to Monterey Bay with the renowned Portolá expedition. The legacy continued with his son Feliciano, who acquired the sprawling 8,900-acre land grant as a repayment for his invaluable contributions, including forty horses, fifty head of cattle, four oxen, and a flock of sheep.

We hope you enjoy the bottles of Soberanes Chardonnay in your cellar.