Pisoni Estate Pinot Noir Featured in Japanese Manga
“Drops of God”

Pisoni Estate Pinot Noir featured in Japanese comic
Inside pages of "Drops of God" manga, featuring Pisoni Estate Pinot Noir.

Pisoni is deeply honored to have its 2014 Estate Pinot Noir showcased in Drops of God, the internationally celebrated manga series from Japan that presents wine criticism in the form of a long-running story about the hunt for a fabled, perfect wine–a heaven-scent vintage known as “Drops of God.” The narrative contest this popular comic plays out in each issue is fictional, but all of the wines that appear in its pages are authentic.

A co-production of a sister-brother writing team who use the pen name Tadashi Agi, Drops of God is illustrated by Shu Okimoto. At once a popular and critical international success, the comic continues to appear in Japan while previously-published issues appear in translation in a variety of languages. Under the guise of its fictional premise–a contest between a wine critic and his adopted brother to decide who will take ownership of their famous father’s extensive wine collection–Drops of God offers its readers delightfully-scripted but absolutely serious reviews of some of the wine world’s most distinguished varietals.

The recent issue “Yume and Utsutsu” (which roughly translates into the word “trance”) stars Pisoni Estate Pinot Noir. In one section of the comic, newly translated, the judges have poured a mysterious wine which “looks like Pinot Noir. It is “not Burgundy,” however, but an American Pinot Noir–and “not just ordinary American Pinot Noir,” either. “Bright ruby” in color, with a “beautiful graduation” that indicates its “high quality,” this wine bears a “distinguished background” and “bloodline.”

Ultimately, the judges (along with readers of the manga), reveal this wine as 2014 Pisoni Estate Pinot Noir. A wine whose “terroir has cool weather and the wind required to make great Pinot Noir,” it is, Drops of God suggests, exhilarating to drink: a wine that tastes as full-bodied in the mouth, as the resonant notes of a bass sound in the ear.

Of course the best wines, like the best music, require no translation. Nonetheless, we appreciate being provided with one and are delighted to pass it on to you.