Fog Wreathes Pisoni Vineyards

Pisoni Vineyards peaking through the fog as the sun emerges
The fog makes for beautiful scenes when it envelops the hillside. At times the vines seem to disappear into a hazy abyss.

Faced with the constant presence of extreme wind and fog funneling in from the nearby Monterey bay, oceanic weather is just one of the challenges we face with mountainous farming. The product of California’s dynamic geology, each subsection of the terrain possesses its own character. The rewards of working this complex topography are plenty, though. The rugged soils stress the vines and force the roots to work extra hard as they slowly grind their way down through the dense, rock-strewn material.

The demanding conditions lead to vines with reduced vigor and lower yields. The grapes they produce, in turn, have more structure and flavor—as does the wine we make from them.