Garys’ Vineyard & the 2013 Vintage of Pinot Noir and Syrah. A unique sense of place.

Labels denote a unique time and sense of place, in this case announcing the 2013 vintage of Lucia wines from Garys’ Vineyard. You can find the Santa Lucia Highlands on a map, with Garys’ Vineyard slicing across part of its benchland. But you must open a bottle to discover the exceptional aspects of this site and the distinctive caring that have shaped these Pinot Noir and Syrah wines.

Celebrating Thirty Years: 1982-2012

If Gary Pisoni had followed the common wisdom, he and sons Mark and Jeff would not be celebrating three decades of farming cool-climate grapes and the beautiful vintage of 2012 Pisoni Estate Pinot Noir, Pisoni Estate Chardonnay, and Lucia Susan’s Hill Syrah.